Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cheap Version of a Oar Carver (Single Lock Blade)

This is a Rough Rider Sowbelly single blade lock back, i purchased from Bladematrix , It was less than $8.00 before freight. Closed its 4-1/8 inches long and I slowly gound it down to the size below , taking care not to lose the temper. its still not as small as Tom H's on Begining Carvers Corner. I'm still trying to decide whether to take it down smaller or leave it, it carves really well , I'm  just having trouble adjusting to it though. PLEASE LEAVE ME A COMMENT AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK (GOOD OR BAD)


  1. Hal, That blade looks the same as mine. Great job on reshaping it. Is the blade flat ground? If it is and it holds its edge, you got yourself a winner. My OAR CARVER is D2 high Carbon steel. But if yours is anywhere near the same its a winner at any price. The Oar Carver costs $65, plus what Rick at Little Shavers charged to make it carve.

  2. I have carved with a pocket knife for years and years. What I don't understand is why so many people seem to like the straight blade profile. Can you explain it to me? It looks like you did a good job of modifying your knife. What are the benefits you see?

    Scott (

  3. Good question Scott! Only answer I have is Habit. I am trying to learn to carve with a knife with the blade tip slightly curved up, with more of a slicing motion. So far I think it's more difficult to know where the tip is when the blade is curved.

  4. Schooner next time check out Bladematrix they have all kinds of locking single blade knives.
    Tom the blade is 440 stainless steel and so far hold a real sharp edge.
    Anonymous i thought about curving the blade but I will have to agree with Tom its more habit and the way most carving knives come now days , until recently.